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Dr. Simon Moss

Academic, Author and Expert on Counter Intuitive Psychology, Charles Darwin University


Resilience 2.0

Organisations spend vast amounts of money on initiatives to enhance the resilience of staff—hoping these initiatives will inspire staff to thrive in the workplace, despite unrelenting workloads, incessant change, and many other pressures.

Resilience 2.0 is an approach that recognises that people cannot experience wellbeing unless, they can resolve the causes of distress: the conflicting goals they need to achieve. This approach helps individuals develop the skills they need to reconcile these conflicts and thrive in the workplace.

Delegates will learn how to enhance their capacity to:

  • Reach suitable decisions
  • Uncover innovations
  • Collaborate effectively and
  • Shape their environment—all strategies that help individuals resolve paradoxes and improve their life circumstances.

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About Simon

Dr. Simon is a corporate psychologist with 25 years’ experience in Academia and Consulting. He is currently the Dean of Graduate Studies at Charles Darwin University. Simon has written and published 10 books and about 100 scientific papers on changes to the workplace that can enhance the wellbeing and performance of individuals.

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