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Samantha Hickey

Practice Director, Talent Solutions, SHL

According to Samantha Hickey, talent practice director at SHL, identifying great talent and creating a culture of high performance are two of the major cornerstones for outstanding organisational performance.

Leveraging her background in psychometrics as well as over 17 years of organisational psychology and consulting experience, Samantha has developed a specialist focus in designing, and supporting the processes that underpin effective talent management.

Samantha’s curiosity, analytical thinking and tenacity help SHL clients make the best possible hiring decisions for their businesses. Her expertise in pre-hire assessment, processes and workflows reveal hidden inefficiencies that help companies optimise and streamline recruitment without compromising on the quality of decisions-making or talent.

She believes that getting selection right is critical for bringing the right people into a business but also using the data captured from pre-hire activities to inform talent initiatives and interventions that will ultimately improving employee engagement and increased performance levels longer term.

Leveraging a deep understanding of complex work environments, an interest in technology and a passion for applying talent analytics, Samantha is able to demonstrate how business success is dependent on recruiting, retaining and realising potential in the workforce. This approach allows her to work with and through HR teams to provide senior executives and boards across Australia and New Zealand with meaningful talent insights that challenge and influence strategic decisions, and balance short-term reactions with preparing for the future.

Her expertise and reputation have established her as a respected speaker at HR industry events and media commentator, regularly featuring in the likes of BRWHRM, ShortList and Australian Financial Review.