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Ruby Lee

Founder & Side Hustle Coach, RubyLee.Co

Ruby Lee began her career as an accountant and later pivoted into HR and Recruitment. Ruby worked in corporate recruitment and hiring advisory for start ups for over 10 years, most recently as Head of Recruitment for Cogent. During this time, Ruby launched her own online coaching business as a side hustle, The Careers Emporium. In 2018, Ruby’s side hustle success meant she could transition her hustle to full time and launched a coaching community for side hustlers globally. empowers 1000’s of side hustlers to take their idea to income whilst balancing successful careers. To fuel up on some hustle energy, go to

Ruby also the co-founded Tribe9 a business which helps early-stage startups scale up. From hiring advice, recruitment, culture workshops and employment branding Ruby is passionate about working with founders with team <20. To find out more head to

When Ruby isn’t growing an online community of side hustlers, you’ll find her planning out an endless summer – husband and 2 kids in tow!