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Roy Baladi

General Manager, SmartRecruiters Foundation

DAY 1 3:05pm
A Global Movement of Job Creation

Before COVID hit, SmartRecruiters supported the creation of Jobs for Lebanon. Since then, the movement grew to include Jobs for Australia, Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters in the USA, Jobs for Netherlands, Jobs for Ireland, and soon Jobs for the UK.

The result: recruiters all over the world coaching and hiring thousands of candidates for remote jobs. This session dives into the Jobs for the World movement and how you can get involved.

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About Roy

Roy is the General Manager of the SmartRecruiters foundation, the recruiting software that powers Jobs for Lebanon and 4000 other businesses worldwide including VISA, Linkedin, Twitter, IKEA, and Bosch. Roy started his career as a derivatives trader on Wall Street and is the founder of FreshGrad, an app that career guides graduates to their ideal employment. Roy grew up in Lebanon and cares deeply about social justice.

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