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Riges Younan

SVP, Australia & NZ, Avature

5 steps to an Integrated Talent Strategy and the Tactics that Lay Beneath

New learning and inspiration is great but how do we practically implement it in a way that aligns Business Drivers and the TA function?

We will cover:

  • The five key elements to implementing a ‘Total Talent’ strategy;
  • A case study of a CEO-mandated goal for Diversity & Inclusion and the initiatives they developed as a response;
  • How to conduct a Talent Gap Analysis;
  • The role that People Analytics can play.

Arm yourself with a plan for the main stage session that follows (Buy, Build Borrow, Bridge & Bot) and walk in with confidence that you have a roadmap to implement it.

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About Riges:

Currently SVP, Asia Pacific for Avature, a fast growing global enterprise HCM platform, Riges has been involved with five start-ups in HR Technology in US, UK and Australia. His uncanny knack for staying ahead of the curve saw him launch in 2006 Australia’s first social recruiting and employee referral platform delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) called

A subject matter expert on talent acquisition and proactive recruiting, Riges possesses an acute grasp of the big picture with a strong focus on how to leverage technology to achieve Talent Acquisition, Talent attraction and Talent management objectives.

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