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Rebecca Skilbeck

Head of Customer Insights & Market Research, PageUp

Decoding candidate experience. What matters to jobseekers in 2023

Unlock the secrets to a stand-out candidate experience in today’s competitive job market. Explore the illuminating insights extracted from PageUp’s Candidate Experience report, a comprehensive research piece with responses from over 185,000 candidates, breaking down what really matters to applicants throughout the hiring process. Find out what jobseekers are looking for on your careers site, the essential elements to include in your job ads, and how to optimise your application forms to drive results.

Presented by Rebecca Skilbeck, PageUp’s Head of Customer Insights and Market Research, this session will provide actionable takeaways, genuine jobseeker perspectives, and tools to elevate your candidate experience —from interest through to application.

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Skilbeck is Head of Customer Insights and Market Research at PageUp. She has over 20 years of experience as a research analyst in a career that has included academia, consulting and equity investment. Rebecca is experienced in delivering product, thematic and strategic human capital management research and thought leadership. On the day-to-day Rebecca thrives on working with PageUp customers to understand how their talent management practices are tracking and how they can be improved..

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