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Rachel Moloney

Talent Acquisition Team Leader, Air New Zealand

Rachel started her journey in the recruitment world on the agency side and spent a couple of years focusing on the Sales & Marketing sector. It was a time of ‘throw an ad in the paper or on a job board and hope for the best.’ Not exactly a targeted way to source candidates.

2006 saw her enter the internal recruitment team at Telecom NZ as a consultant, moving into a Business Partner role, and then finally the last few years as a Talent Acquisition Manager. On leaving Telecom, Rachel had her own HR consultancy for a short time before the corporate world came calling and she joined BNZ on contract to implement their Graduate & Youth Strategy. She later joined Air New Zealand to lead a team again.

Having worked across many industries and internal models including New Zealand’s large corporate brands, Rachel understands how crucial it is to know your business and your candidate ecosystems. Without this knowledge it is very hard to be targeted in your sourcing campaigns; and with today’s fight for talent, you are taking a pretty big risk.