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Pavi Iyer

Talent Acquisition APAC, Catapult

Candidate Panel

Our panel have all recently been through a recruitment process (or twenty!).

The bad news: It was not pretty.

The good news: They are willing to share what parts of the recruitment experience stunk.

Because honestly, who wants their recruitment experience to stink? If you are brave enough for real feedback, here it is in all its glory…

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About Pavi

Pavi Iyer is an experienced and passionate Talent Acquisition Manager who has worked in internal, RPO and startup roles across a broad range of industries. Her motivation centres on being a strategic partner who guides businesses to source, attract, engage and retain the right talent. Her approach is to create a strong focus on ensuring positive candidate experiences and creating environments in which everyone feels comfortable, valued and empowered.

She has assisted organisations to build out robust talent functions, consulted on growth strategies and created company value propositions to enhance organisational culture. Her passion has also driven the need to connect with like-minded professionals, try to make a positive impact within the industry, and highlight the need for Talent functions to have an influential voice within an organisation.

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