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Nitish Mathew

Global Head of Data Engineering, Afterpay

DAY 2 2:40pm
The Afterpay TA Journey – Going Global & Deliver as You Set Up

Not many start-up names become a verb, go on to earn billions and achieve global status. Afterpay did, and it did in four short years.

This is a story of growth where TA is integral.

Hear from Mark and Nitish about their TA-hiring manager partnership and learn how they scaled the TA function quickly and effectively as the organisation continues to expand at an exponential rate.

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About Nitish

Nitish Mathew is the Global Head of Data Engineering at Afterpay. He built the engineering program that brings together data from 50+ sources and is the foundation for their executive decision making, sales enablement, marketing campaigns, fraud monitoring, risk analytics, machine learning development, financial reporting etc. A graduate of College of Engineering, Trivandrum, India and the Pennsylvania State University, his entire 15+ year career has been in Business Intelligence and Data Platforms, across the US and Australia.

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