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Myki Slonim

President, VICE Asia Pacific

Anti-Exceptionalism, Millennial Insights at VICE

VICE is one of the world’s leading youth media brands. As Australian managing director and now President of Digital for APAC, Myki has overseen VICE’s local expansion into Australasia’s most influential youth media company. To achieve this, Myki needed a great handle on what millennials think and what motivates them.

This session will inspire you with VICE’s story and showcase insights from their annual survey of Australian youth, including the rising trend of anti-exceptionalism.

How much do you know about Australian youths? How are Millennials coping in a post-truth “fake news” world and what sets them apart from the “Gen Z”? With Millennials set to make up 75 percent of the world’s workforce by 2025, this is a group you just cannot afford to ignore. Don’t miss this session!

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About Myki

Myki’s crystal ball was working well in 2003, when he launched Canadian-born VICE Magazine into the Australian market. Operating in only three countries at the time, the underground magazine has since expanded into the world’s leading youth media brand, with a global footprint in 30+ countries across mobile, digital and linear platforms.

As Managing Director, Myki oversaw VICE’s local expansion into Australasia’s most influential youth media company and Media Brand of the Year at the 2017 & 2018 B&T Awards. He orchestrated a defining partnership with SBS to convert free-to-air TV channel SBS2 into SBS VICELAND in November 2016, now featuring VICE’s award-winning programming. He’s now President of VICE Digital across APAC.

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