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Dr Mike Haywood

Founder & Growth Director, LiveHire

The way we’ve learnt to recruit is perfectly suited to a world that no longer exists

In a world where candidates act like consumers and we are all digital natives, how can talent acquisition embrace a new way of working?

Recruiters face abundant resumes through one-click apply, yet are required to provide a curated and personalised experience to candidates who often enter the recruitment process with little preparation.

Much like a customer!

These digital candidates are reactive and unsure decision makers, and as a result, drop out rates during the process are significantly climbing, along with time to hire and cost for recruitment teams.

Today’s recruitment processes are designed for an analogue world and are struggling to cope with each candidate’s poorly defined decision journey.

We will discuss the importance of Candidate Experience, Employer Brand, AI, as well as the Talent Community and Talent Pooling approaches, which mirror some of the best customer engagement approaches, to reverse this trend.

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Dr Mike Haywood is a Founder and Growth Director of LiveHire, and a regular speaker and author on the future of work.

His passion for growth is evident in his drive to scale businesses in fast-paced, competitive industries with technology solutions that help move us to a more humanised and connected world, delivering positive value in people’s lives.

Mike has completed a PhD in Engineering, a Bachelor of Commerce (HR & Finance) and Bachelor of Engineering, over 10 years at the University of Western Australia. Prior to founding LiveHire, Mike co-founded two successful technology product start-ups.

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