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Michael Derwin

COO & EVP APAC, Adepto

Michael specialises in helping organisations turn their strategic intent into business results. As a consultant, he has established a reputation for delivering and recovering complex projects. Starting in the education sector, Michael has since acquired years of experience in industries such as resources, energy, finance, engineering and health. Sought after for his no-nonsense delivery mindset and tenacious resolve, Michael enables his clients to take on the challenges that sit in the organisation ‘too-hard basket’.

Michael has also performed executive appointments in private and public sector organisations. In this capacity, Michael has overseen hundreds of engagements with consultants, contractors and lead dozens of employee teams. From this first-hand experience, he identified a number of opportunities to help organisations better understand, attract and manage their contingent workers as well as their employees.  Michael merged his consulting business with Chris Milligan in July 2015 to help change the way the world works.