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Matthew Dickason

Global Managing Director, Hays Talent Solutions

Experience over Efficiency: Finding a Balance in an Increasingly Digital World

We all strive to deliver the best possible experience and service to each of our customer groups. AI is developing as a method in increasing the efficiency of providing that experience, but in doing so it also requires data to inform machine learning.

How do we demonstrate the value of AI, so that people are comfortable to share richer data? What are the potential benefits to each stakeholder, and at what point does automation negatively impact the customer experience? Matthew and Jacky Carter will be exploring these topics in this session.

Giveaway: Everyone who attends this session will also receive free registration to the Future Workplace AI4HR Virtual Masterclass on November 18th 2020.

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About Matthew

Matthew leads a culturally diverse, global team of experts who engage with organisations and their people leaders across the globe, advising on and delivering market leading workforce solutions. Responsible for ensuring our clients maintain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition regardless of where we are in the cycle, Hays Talent Solutions is focused on helping organisations to thrive. A qualified Engineer with a complementary Organisational Psychology Degree, Matthew joined Hays in 2005 coming from a top technology company where he developed solutions for clients across North America, Europe and Asia.

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