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Mark Woodland

CEO, Xplor

TA as a Team Sport

Hear directly from Mark and the Xplor’s TA dream team talk about their shared focus and responsibility for attracting the right people for Xplor and how together they’re able to manage budgets, day-to-day processes, and tackle the challenge of hiring for value alignment.

In this interactive panel session, you’ll not only hear their story but also ask your own questions of this 360 degree TA Dream Team.


  • Mark Woodland, CEO
  • Matt Varley, COO 
  • Caitlin Fairchild, Director of People
  • Stefan Welack, Talent Excellence Partner 

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About Mark

Mark founded childcare software company Xplor in 2016, after realising an opportunity to have a powerful impact on education through improving software services. Xplor grew quickly and TSG acquired the Melbourne-based start-up in late 2019, with Mark joining the TSG Executive team.

Mark’s well-known for his engaging, down to earth leadership, and has had great success uniting and inspiring teams to pursue ambitious goals. Before entering the Education sector, Mark was part of the Australian Army, where he worked as a Forward Observer, and as part of the Australian Psychology Corps.

Mark lives in Melbourne with his family and in his spare time, he buys more books than he can finish, signs up for more online courses than he can complete and fundamentally believes that if you’re not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things.