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Mark Mansour

National Talent Acquisition Lead, Servian

So who is Mark Mansour you ask?

Funny man, friend, family oriented, pet lover, social justice warrior, data nerd, movie watcher, sports enthusiast, chef, foodie, sommelier, renovation guy, demolition specialist, painter, plumber, gardener, recruiter, sourcer, employer branding specialist, marketer… essentially, Mark likes to know how things work, and will have a go at any and everything!

15 years in the recruitment world, primarily focused on technology. Mark loves deep diving into technical requirements businesses may have, and persistently searching to identify the best person for the role.

He is creative, outgoing and flamboyant! He loves engaging with people to understand what they are passionate about and to ensure that their next employer can provide the stimulation they require in the workplace!

Mark prides himself on sharing knowledge with those around him. This could be the secret to his famous 10 layer, 4 cheese lasagne, or how he colours his dogs tails different colours (he owns 2 Japanese Spitz – Instagram @cocosnowyspitz), or some of the multitude of recruitment “hacks” he has learnt over the years.

Mark is the founder of #SydRecMeetup which sports a membership of over 500 recruiters. As the Head of Talent at Servian, Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of recruitment, employer branding, sourcing, reporting and Recruitment Innovation. If you wants an unedited perspective on the state of the recruitment market in Australia, you must speak to Mark!