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Mark Coppola

Talent Acquisition Lead, Afterpay

DAY 2 2:40pm
The Afterpay TA Journey – Going Global & Deliver as You Set Up

Not many start-up names become a verb, go on to earn billions and achieve global status. Afterpay did, and it did in four short years.

This is a story of growth where TA is integral.

Hear from Mark and Nitish about their TA-hiring manager partnership and learn how they scaled the TA function quickly and effectively as the organisation continues to expand at an exponential rate.

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About Mark

I am a recruitment leader with experience in two of Australia’s most successful tech start-ups (Afterpay and Envato), and also have experience leading recruitment teams in larger environments (AGL and Asahi). I am delivery oriented and passionate about providing both candidates and stakeholders with a positive and seamless experience. I enjoy coaching and mentoring my teams and ensuring that they are engaged, empowered and continually challenged. I am pragmatic and believe in tailoring recruitment approaches to the situation rather than following a process map!

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