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Lorraine Riddoch

General Manager, Talent & Workforce Acquisition, Australian Unity


Lorraine Riddoch,
General Manager of Talent & Workforce Acquisition at Australian Unity with Grant Meyer, Modern Hire’s APAC Managing Director

How Australian Unity balanced their hiring process for Efficiency, Effectiveness, Ethics, and Experiences

Automating systems can relieve many burdens from a Hiring Team but can fail to deliver enriching experiences.

What is fast, may not be ethical, or even effective. Australian Unity sought to balance their Hiring Process for all four areas – Experiences, Ethics, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

They are able to easily scale as the market moves and rely on trustworthy data but also be true to their core values and needs. Hear about their journey and ask your questions to both Lorraine and Grant in this informative session.

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About Lorraine

Lorraine joined Australian Unity in October 2017 and is General Manager, Talent & Workforce Acquisition. Lorraine is responsible for recruitment and onboarding across all businesses within the Australian Unity portfolio. Prior to her current role, Lorraine was General Manager, People & Culture for Independent & Assisted Living for 3 years. Lorraine has over 20 years’ experience in HR, Cultural Change and Leadership with a mix of industry experience across FMCG, Public Health and Financial Services spending 10 years with Nab in the UK before transferring with them to Melbourne with her family in January 2013. Her last role was Head of Organisational Development for Operations and Technology where she was responsible for Talent, Diversity and Leadership until 2016. Before joining Australia Unity, Lorraine mentored a number of women across Australia and Asia including 28 women for Kellogg’s based in South Africa, India and South Korea.

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