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Lauren Sharp & Craig Watson

TaPod Co-Hosts, and your ATC2024 MCs!

ATC2024 MCs

Lauren & Craig are TaPod – We talk Talent Acquisition!

The King and Queen of Talent Podcasting will be bringing their humour, warmth and tell it like it is commentary as your official ATC2024 MCs!

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About Lauren & Craig

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, Lauren and Craig are recruitment and TA experts, widely known as the hosts of the TaPod podcast and the organisers of the largest TA awards in Australia and New Zealand, the ITAs. Renowned for their keynote speaking and published content, they are viewed as experts in the ever-changing talent landscape. Together, they delve into the critical issues facing the TA community. Lauren and Craig understand the seriousness of the issues facing the talent industry, but they also blend storytelling, humour, and a touch of self-deprecation into TaPod, which ranks number one in HR & Recruitment podcasts within Australia.

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