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Keith Wilkinson

General Manager P&C - Operations, Resourcing & People Services, Origin Energy

Keith is an experienced international HR professional.  Currently he is the General Manager for Resourcing & Systems Delivery at Origin Energy.  This role sees him looking after the end to end people service delivery from a HR perspective.  Keith has previously held positions such as HR Director Europe and Strategy Leader Performance & Rewards, with experience in Top 20 listed companies in the UK, US and Australia. He brings a wealth of experience from a range of industries having had roles at CIGNA, Allied Domecq, Hilton Hotels, NAB & AMP.

In the last ten years Keith has worked in the resources sector managing the strong global demand for key skills in a highly competitive market and developing innovative solutions.

Now operating both Permanent and Contingent resourcing with a single RPO with CXC as the CMO at Origin Energy, he is well aware of the issues, challenges and opportunities afforded by both models. In the last few weeks have launched the SuccessFactors platform at Origin with Resourcing going live along with three other modules.

Emigrating to Australia in 2000 Keith has already managed to live in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney!