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Katrina Collier

Author, Candidate Engagement Speaker & Facilitator, The Searchologist

Workshop: Are you a Recruiter Worth Talking To?

Candidates and Hiring Managers are the two key groups you’re looking to connect. Simple, right?

Obtaining curiosity, respect, engagement – or even just a response! – from your ideal candidates can at times be frustrating and fruitless. Building deep trust and respect with a Hiring Managers – no easy feat. The answer comes by being a “Recruiter worth talking to”.  In this interactive workshop, Katrina will share her formula and workshop some scenarios and solutions to:

  • Get the Hiring Manager on your side
  • Get a Candidate engaged and responsive
Keynote: In a World of Technology Overload, who is Really Winning?

Technology should be helping recruiters, hiring managers and candidates, right? But with more ways to communicate than ever before, communicating has become more difficult and there is a rise in candidate ghosting.

Before the robots replace us, what can we do right now to improve everyone’s recruitment experience? Katrina will share:

  • The impact of Internet & technology on Talent Acquisition and candidate experience (how we got here)
  • Quick wins that give recruiters and companies the edge in the fight for attention (how tos)
  • Robot-proofing your futures with human-only skills and true hiring manager partnerships (how tos)

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About Katrina:

Katrina Collier shows companies how to solve the problem of candidate engagement. HR, talent acquisition and hiring leaders don’t have an issue finding people, they have an issue evoking a response, engaging people and stopping candidates from ghosting. She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and uses her extensive recruitment industry experience to deliver keynotes and facilitate offsites globally, which inspire all those involved in the recruitment lifecycle to improve candidate engagement with a human-first mindset.

She is also the founder of 5 DisruptHR UK events, an Ambassador for Hope for Justice aiming to end modern day slavery, and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast. You’ll find her championing the #BeHuman cause on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.

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