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Isaac Thompson

Principal Data Scientist, Modern Hire

How AI is Revolutionising Hiring

Recent events have shown the necessity of a virtual hiring process, but for organisations that want to truly transform the way they hire, technology is a must.

But when it comes to hiring technology, the term artificial intelligence is often used as a catch-all that means anything from automated scheduling to natural language processing.

Join me and Eric Sydell for this session in which we will discuss how to define artificial intelligence, emerging trends and developments, and the ethical considerations in using these technologies.

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About Eric

Isaac Thompson, Principal Data Scientist at Modern Hire, pushes the boundaries of AI applied to assessments and interviews. His creative blend of advanced AI with traditional psychometrics has propelled the use of ethical AI in hiring and has won the Innovations in Selection award (2019, IPAC) and Open Source award by HR Examiner (2019). A 2018 SIOP Machine Learning Competition winner, Isaac then built and led the competitions in 2019 and 2020. He has over 40 pieces of peer-reviewed research papers and presentations on AI, deep learning, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics, mainly focused on hiring.

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