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Dr Peter O’Hanlon

CEO, Lever Analytics

Peter is a leading analytics practitioner who has been leveraging data for business value in diverse fields such as national security, marketing, logistics, and workforce for over 15 years. He earned a PhD in bio-informatics from ANU and is an adjunct associate professor of data science at two Australian Universities. He also co-founded and remains a Board Member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, the peak body for over 5000 analytics professionals in Australia (now part of ADMA.

Seeing an exciting application for Analytics in People and Culture space, Peter has built not one, but two People Analytics product businesses. He is a patent holder and has established numerous greenfield analytics functions within banks, government agencies, and global technology businesses, understanding first-hand the challenges in making it work.

Peter is currently the CEO of Lever Analytics, an advisory business that helps organisations link their people data with business outcomes to drive value. In his spare time he co-founded OfficeSpark, an early stage start-up focussed on embedding values within organisations in a measurable way. Peter’s breadth of experience and focus on People Analytics in recent years has placed him at the forefront of People Analytics from a practitioner standpoint, and gives him insight into how the field may evolve over the coming years.

You can find Peter on LinkedIn and Twitter: @petercohanlon