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Diane Albano

Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners


Can Borderless Talent Solve the Skills Shortage?

Australia’s talent market compared to Europe or Asia is tiny.  Demand is growing yet we continue to fight (and overpay) for scarce talent locally, ignoring other abundant talent markets. However, we are no longer afraid of remote working so does Borderless Talent provide us with the remedy? Well, not without its own set of unique challenges. Learn the benefits of expanding your talent market and the key challenges you’ll face when you find the talent you’re looking for. Recruiting outside of our borders doesn’t have to be scary. Get ready to fish in the global talent pool add ‘’Global Talent Advisor’’ to your skillset.

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About Diane

Diane leads Globalization Partners’ customer-facing teams around the world. She focuses on go-to-market strategy, delivering and optimizing revenue models and creating new business channels. Diane has an expanding team of over 110+ sales and marketing professionals, who are technology-driven and marketing- and revenue-orientated.

By spearheading the use of technology to scale and grow the business, Diane led her team to create a valuable offering that sets Globalization Partners apart from our competitors in the global Employer of Record (EOR) market.