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David Yates

Campus Leader, PwC Australia

The Abandonment of CVs and the Embrace of AI

According to the Harvard Business Review, 75-90 percent of people are rejected based on their CV. Yet, out of seven ways to test a candidate’s suitability for a position, job experience and CVs were retrospectively the least predictive of success.

Two global companies – PwC and DXC Technology – have both made a move away from CVs and instead are relying on artificial intelligence and behavioural talent signals to guide them.

In this panel discussion facilitated by Grace Kerrison, David will share why personal qualities, team fit and true potential to succeed, none of which can be assessed in a CV, are prioritised in PwC’s graduate recruitment program and their results to-date. Andrew Eddy will share how this shift enables Untapped Group, working in partnership with DXC Technology, help companies achieve a key diversity goal – to welcome people on the autism spectrum into a career in technology.

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About David:

David is originally from the UK and was the Student Careers Resource Manager at the retail giant Tesco, before taking over the Student Recruitment team at Grant Thornton UK specialising in strengths / potential and overhauling the way they attracted and assessed talent with a lens on diversity, inclusion and social mobility. David moved to Sydney with his Aussie wife and Springer Spaniel dog, and has been with PwC Australia for a year and a half leading the Campus Recruitment Team nationally.