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David Carman

Leadership Mentor & Coach, RealiseNow PL

DAY 1 11:25am
Reflect and Goal Set

At ATC, we love the content to be as tangible as possible.

In this short, sharp focussed session, David will provide you a structure to capture the ideas from the sessions that you attend during the course of this digital conference so you can prioritise them and proactively take action post the event.

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About David

Founder and CEO of RealiseNow Pty Ltd

Mentor and coach to hundreds of key leaders in the Talent Management sector over the last 25 years.

Drawings upon his extensive experience as a senior leader, owner, board member and advisor to many exceptional organisations, he provides clarity, support and guidance which results in people becoming better leaders and achieving awesome outcomes.

Mindful living is a core passion for David.

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