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Dart Lindsley

Currently Head of Process Excellence, Google People Operations, formerly Cisco Systems HR

DAY 1 10:30am
Now is the time – repositioning the Talent & HR industry

Join Gareth and Dart in this informal session as they discuss how the Talent Function’s service model can be broadened and deepened to better align with business priorities post Covid.

What are they key areas you need to become an expert? What are the skills you will need?

The timing has never been better, and this is a golden opportunity for Talent and HR to reposition ourselves as designers of “work-experience products” that will enable us to enhance our value to the business.

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About Dart

Dart is the head of Global Process Excellence for Google People Operations. Previously he was head of Business Architecture for HR at Cisco Systems.

Dart’s broad interests have resulted in a variety of publications: his literary fiction has appeared in US and International journals; he has several patents pending – one on the topic of skills ontology management and the other regarding how to monetise markets for IOT data; in 2016 he co-authored a paper that appeared in journal Genetics.

Dart routinely writes and speaks on the topics of innovation, collaboration, talent operations, strategic planning, and virtual facilitation, including two articles in the Journal of Corporate Recruiting and a handful of speaking engagements at ERE. Most recently he has been promoting the idea that all businesses serve a multi-sided market with workers forming one side.

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