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Dan Nuroo

Director, Recruitment, IMA Management and Technology

Dan has been described as a recruiting tragic. Joining our industry straight out of university, he has spent the last decade and a half working across agency (ran his own too) and in-house roles, predominantly in the IT sector.

Currently the Director of Recruitment for IMA Management and Technology. His career has mainly been in recruiting for the IT industry and he has sold and been sold to, giving him a strong insight about the world we play in. He has been known to be an early adopter of technology and other “solve the world’s problems” tools and has the scars to prove it. Still a hands-on contributor to his company’s cause, Dan lives to solve those talent problems.

Passionate about all things recruiting, Dan has been an active social media participant across many global forums for many years and seems to have been blogging forever (feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter or even and you will see him active in most social media platforms (apart from Google+ although he has an account or 2).

Dan is an advocate for the industry, and genuinely believes that people who participate in this industry get a raw deal from the rest of the world. One of his goals is to increase the reputation of the recruitment industry, with everyone. He believes that “what we do is important work, companies who don’t see our value and invest in us, will fail.