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Chris Havrilla

VP, HR Technology & Solution Provider Strategy, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Cracking the Code on Talent – Is the Third Wave the Charm? 

Talent management has transitioned over the last 30+ years from an Industrial approach to the Information Age/Wave, and now we’re flirting with the next wave that’s coming – the Intelligent wave.

We must think about what it will take to prepare and embark on “intelligent relationships”, “intelligent organisations”, and “artificial intelligence”. We must also learn how to use the same approaches to innovate our function and design initiatives in the face of all this disruptive and innovative technology and people.

The next generations, that will comprise over 70-75 percent our workforce in a few short years, are already thinking this way! They expect the world of work to operate as the rest of their lives – digitalised, personalised, diverse people, thoughts, and structures, YouTube learning — and frankly ideas like: work not being work, hierarchy is stupid, empowerment is not an option, and bureaucracy must die. We have to catch up!

Let’s discuss the implications of these fundamental changes in how we will organise, communicate, learn, work, solution, ”sell”, and execute in the new Intelligence Wave of Talent.

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About Chris:

Chris Havrilla works with business and HR leaders on radically improving talent strategy, technology, and leadership, and the vendors who serve them. With a unique blend of technical, HR practitioner, business and vendor experience, she laughingly describes herself as a bit of a Talent, HR Tech and Future of Work “Whisperer”. She has most recently joined Bersin by Deloitte to lead their HR Technology And Solution Provider Strategy practice — helping to de-mystify the ever-changing HR Tech landscape for their corporate and SP members. Chris has a degree in MIS, with a concentration in AI, from the UGA Terry College of Business. She loves figuring out how the latest trends and innovations in data, tools, and technology can help change the face of HR and the world of work!

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