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Charles & Anne

GM Asia-Pacific, G-P, & Strategic Sales Executive at G-P

Thriving Amid Disruptions: The Evolving Role of TA Leaders 

By Charles Ferguson, GM Asia-Pacific, G-P and Anne Wilson, Strategic Sales Executive at G-P

Talent Acquisition is constantly evolving as trends and technological advancements continue to disrupt the world of work. Talent Leaders have a profound chance to rethink their recruitment strategies to leverage new opportunities and bring great value to their organisations.

Join Charles Ferguson and Anne Wilson of G-P, as they discuss how to drive strategic success by:

  • Prioritising agility to leverage new opportunities in hiring;
  • Navigating and responding to a constantly changing business landscape; and
  • Leveraging emerging services and technology to deliver an exceptional talent experience.

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About Charles

Charles is the General Manager and head of G-P’s business in Asia. In this capacity, he is responsible for establishing scale and efficiency for G-P and its customers’ business expansion in one of the most dynamic markets in the world. G-P helps growing companies unlock their full potential by making it possible to build highly skilled global teams anywhere in the world, in days instead of months. Through its SaaS-based platform, G-P helps companies to find, hire, onboard, pay, and manage global teams quickly and compliantly, without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices.

About Anne

Anne Wilson works as a global expansion expert with Globalization Partners enabling organizations to expand their talent pool and hire candidates in new countries without the legal, tax, and HR burdens as well as removing the need for setting up entities or subsidiaries.

Anne has over 20 years of experience working within the Software Industry across different disciplines from resourcing and delivering large Software Implementations to Professional Services Sales and prior to that many years spent in various Talent Acquisition roles within the IT Sector. Anne is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling degree.

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