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Cal Curtain

Head of Talent,

From Search Master to Talent Architect: The Evolution of Sourcing

Sourcing has changed a lot from when it first burst onto the TA scene over 20 years ago.

Boolean Search changed to Ai Search and when that became easier, the focus moved to creative outreach comms.

Cal will lay out his view on the career paths and unique value propositions that current Talent Sourcers have in front of them in an ever-changing talent landscape.

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About Cal

Cal Curtain, is the Head of Talent at With rich experiences both locally and globally across industries such as Construction, Professional Services, FinTech and Healthcare. Cal is passionate about all things Talent Advisory: Talent Acquisition, Retention, Management and Development and is a certified organisational coach.

Prior to his time in Talent, Cal was a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army where he had the opportunity to work across a number of humanitarian aid works as well as indigenous community works. In his spare time, Cal likes to play and watch sport, be a coffee snob and pretend to be a handy man out in his backyard.

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