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Bob Olivier

Director, HRO2 Research

Bob is a seasoned professional in the world of employment data. With a degree in Economics and qualification and experience as a Chartered Accountant his frustration with and hunger for better market intelligence started in the 90’s as Joint CEO of Olivier Group. He sought better market data to plan, run and resource their business as well as timely and useful information he could share with their clients.

His research started in the late 90’s when he co-authored two books on e-cruitment best practice. He also launched The Olivier Job Index in 2000, the first measure of online job advertising in Australia. The Job Index was published for over ten years providing detailed analysis never available before. It attracted massive publicity and a huge following. It was used by everyone from the RBA, Treasury, senior economists to academics and careers advisors. He was featured regularly on Sunrise, Bloomberg News, Sky News as well as the major free to air TV and radio stations.

Olivier Group was sold in 2008 to Advantage Professional, now part of Recruit Co, and, in 2010, Bob became the Director, Global Market Intelligence for Advantage Resourcing. His brief – to develop job indices for Advantage in the UK and the US.
In 2011 Bob went solo with HRO2 Research, a company specialising in employment market data and analytics. He partnered with a US specialist to introduce a new measure of jobs data based on spidered jobs data, comprehensive deduplication and artificial intelligence to code every job advertisements into over 50 fields.

He now provides this data, under license, to a range of clients to enable then to provide robust timely and useful information to their stakeholders. His clients include a top four bank, specialist recruiters and, more recently, an industry super fund. His latest Job Index is the Contingent Job Index, the first of its kind in Australia, possibly globally, launched this week in Australia. He will be sharing some of these findings of this unique research with you.

At various times Bob has served as a state councillor of AHRI, a non executive director of the RCSA, Chairman of the ICAEW in Sydney, even Treasurer of his daughter’s primary school and his tennis club! He was a member of the RBA’s Business Liaison Group from 2006 to 2011.

Bob now works part time from home and enjoys plenty of work life balance. His interests include golf and yoga but he has also recently started another micro business in the employment data arena, currently looking for seed capital, as well as becoming a volunteer to help Refugees find work and start up in business in Australia.