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Belinda Willis

Head of Talent Acquisition, Deloitte


Belinda Willis
, Head of Talent Acquisition at Deloitte with Gareth Flynn, Managing Director at TQ Solutions

Workforce Intelligence and how it will Reshape Talent Acquisition

A new era of Workforce Intelligence has arrived that has the potential to significantly ‘change the game’ for Talent Functions. Having visibility of talent and skills in your entire ecosystem (internal, external, perm, contingent) is increasingly becoming a reality and presents Talent functions with immense opportunity.

As skill supply and demand is better understood, it is possible that workforce planning, talent acquisition and talent management functions have a real shot at morphing to become the ecosystem talent professionals have dreamed of. Gareth Flynn from TQSolutions will discuss in conversation with Belinda Willis, Head of Talent Acquisition at Deloitte, who are on their own workforce intelligence journey, they will discuss:

  • The value and outcomes Workforce Intelligence provides organisations
  • Implementation considerations and taking stakeholders on the journey
  • Changes to Talent functions and roles
  • The technology enabling the intelligence
  • Hindsight and lessons learnt

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About Belinda

Belinda is Head of Talent Acquisition at Deloitte Australia, leading a team of 70+. She is forging new paths to identify, attract, develop and retain extraordinary talent to enable the firm’s growth agenda.

As a strategic Talent and HR leader, Belinda understands the complexities of global businesses, matrix structures and the importance of robust strategic practices and frameworks. Across Resourcing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Organisational Development and Leadership Development, she has inspired and led the creation of new models underpinned by a deep understanding of commercial imperatives.

Belinda thrives in organisations experiencing significant change and has purposefully pursued roles that challenge her to push professional boundaries. Over a 15+ year leadership career spanning sectors, business sizes and global markets, she has succeeded by influencing executives, leaders and wider business teams to think differently about an organisation’s most important asset – its people. Leading transformational agendas, Belinda has built organisational capability and competitiveness for a host of blue chip organisations – including BHP, Rio Tinto, Telstra, Coles, Rabobank and KPMG Consulting.

Belinda holds a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations & HR Management from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Science, Education from Deakin University. Harbouring a long-lived fascination for how people and organisations interface, Belinda continues to seek out cutting edge practices that unlock business performance and growth.

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