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Belinda Leon (she/her)

Employer Brand Specialist, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Employer Branding & EVP for your Internal Workforce

It’s easy to focus on using your EVP and employer brand to attract new talent into your organisation – but what if we put as much effort into our employer branding strategy for internal talent.

Belinda Leon, from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, will discuss why internal mobility shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought in your EB strategy and will explore the benefits of internal mobility for both the employer and the employee, and how it can improve retention rates, increase engagement, and reduce recruitment costs. We’ll also discuss how to effectively communicate the importance of internal mobility to employees and create a culture that supports employee development and growth.

Join us to learn how to incorporate internal mobility into your employer branding strategy and attract and retain top talent.

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About Belinda

Belinda digs into data, natters with people and sleuths at her desk to uncover the reasons people want to work at your organisation. She turn collections of interesting tidbits into compelling Employee Value Propositions to develop Employment Brands to help attract diverse cohorts of future thinking talent.

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