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Alex Hagan, Mary Butler, Brent Hodgson

Workforce Planners, People Strategy Experts

DAY 1 3:05pm
What the Hell Do we Do Now? The 6 Things Your Organisation Needs to Emerge Stronger from COVID-19

The business landscape has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19, and the ripples of the pandemic will re-shape business for years to come.

Alex, Mary and Brent and are the lead authors in an upcoming book, “What The Hell Do We Do Now: an enterprise guide to emerging from COVID-19”.

In this panel session, the three will discuss the six tools your organisation needs to enter our post-pandemic future a more viable organisation than when we entered the most significant health and economic crisis of our lifetimes. The choices we make and the opportunities we leverage in Talent Acquisition today will have long-lasting implications, and Mary, Alex, and Brent will share their thoughts on the pivotal questions to ask at this pivotal time.

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About Alex

Alex Hagan is a futurist who helps organisations face fundamentally unpredictable futures with confidence, and is the author of “Thriving in Complexity: The Art and Science of discovering opportunity in the New Normal” (2019). With a background spanning Econometrics, Workforce Strategy, Software Product Management and Applied Foresight, Alex has worked with governments, corporations, and communities on every populated continent to explore, imagine, and create the future of their industries, organisations, and workforces.

From a break room in Boronia to the ballroom of the Washington Convention Centre, Alex is a globally sought after speaker, facilitator and advisor, and equips people the tools they need to create a future that takes advantage of the unprecedented complexity in the way we live and work today. Alex is the founder and CEO of boutique Strategic Workforce Planning consultancy, Kienco.

About Mary

Mary is a people strategy expert and engagement architect, who executes and delivers. She works with senior leadership teams to shift their mindset and to build leadership and organisational capability, to help them to grow. She particularly enjoys working with people and organisations in transition, and is the author of “Recreate your career story: how to get clear on your career”.

Mary has BSc and MBA qualifications and 25 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in Talent Management and L&D, and has worked in organisations across a broad range of industries in four continents. She is the recipient of a number of global excellence awards for L&D from USA, India and Ireland, including Dell/EMC COE Innovation Award for creation of world’s first Masters Degree in Cloud Computing in 2010, recognised by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 10 online courses in Cloud technologies.

About Brent
Brent’s mastery is in the measurable: helping business leaders to read trends, and see how they can massively shift the trajectory of their outcomes with just a few tiny (well-placed) tweaks. As the author of “Unassailable: Tiny Tweaks That Create An Unbeatable Advantage In Your Marketing”, and through his coaching and training, Brent has helped over 300,000 people globally to solve big marketing and business strategy problems.

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