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Al Adamsen

Founder & Executive Director, Talent Strategy Institute

Al Adamsen is the Founder & Executive Director of the Talent Strategy Institute.  He’s one of the few who’s led a workforce planning & analytics function within a Fortune 500 company (Gap Inc.), served as a leader with an analytics vendor (Infohrm, now SAP/SuccessFactors), and also as a consultant/advisor (with EY, Kenexa, and now TSI).  The organizations Al has served include Disney, Starbucks, Chevron, T-Mobile, Boeing, SanDisk, Palo Alto Networks, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, among many others.  Al co-chairs the People Analytics Innovation Lab and People Analytics Accelerator.  He’s also a founding member of the Global People Analytics Network.  Al’s educational background is in economics and individual, team, and organizational behavior.  As important, Al is also long-standing coach to youth and high school coaches, parents of young athletes, as well as young athletes themselves.  Al lives with his family in Santa Cruz, California, and all are avid beach volleyball players.