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Agata Furman

Employer Branding Specialist, RMIT University

Showcase: Interactive Employer Brand Station

Come and check out our “CelEBration Station”!

Agata will walk you through live examples of creative and effective Employer Brand and EVP assets from companies all over the world. Her co-host Paul will show you how TikTok is humanising workplaces and providing people a glimpse of the team and culture behind the scenes.

Take pictures and video, chat with experts and peers and be inspired!

Nominate the brand that you admire or enter your own company to be featured at the station. Every entry receives a chance to win a ticket to ATC2020.

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“Can’t I fly helicopters AND be an oceanographer who writes songs and cooks?” – this pretty much sums up my personality in one question.

You may recognise yourself in that statement, too: fascinated by so much that the world has to offer and inspired by the red thread that connects people to their passions.

This translated well into my career as I love connecting the right people to the right opportunity.

Recruiting for some of the largest brands in Europe and Australia, I have always searched for the most creative way to bring the best talent into organisations. Now as an Employer Branding Specialist, I’m all about uncovering how people’s motivations align with organisations’ brand, values and priorities. I believe in the power of telling people’s stories and the articulation of their career fulfillment.

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