Trevor Vas Interviews Grant Burrall On Video Interviewing And Increasing Quality Of Hire

Trevor Vas (@trevorpvas), Director at ATC Events, and Grant Burrall (@GrantBurrall), APEC Business Development Director for Montage, sit down at the US #ERE14 Conference to talk about the applications of video interviewing, and how it can increase your quality of hire.
Lessons from Grant Burrall:

  • Video Interviewing is not just a graduate recruitment tool, and more and more organisations are using the platform for experienced hires, as both a screening tool but also a way to facilitate internal talent mobility.
  • Video Interviewing is extremely valuable in the sales space, where the reduced time to hire; through overcomes logistical and scheduling challenges, reduces the overall opportunity cost of that sales position being vacant.
  • On demand and pre-recorded interviews are being used in lieu of a phone screen, which once again accelerates the recruitment process.
  • There’s still tremendous value in a face to face interview, platforms like Montage are there to ensure that the people who end up coming in for that final meeting are going to be the right fit, to increase the speed and likelihood you’re going to get a quality hire.

Watch the video interview here or view transcript below:

Trevor: Grant I know Montage is a quality interviewing product, and I’d really just like to get some of the essence of what your customers are currently using it for? Some of the things that you feel are at the most benefit to them. What can you tell me?
Grant: Thanks for the question Trevor, so in our space people tend to think of video interviewing traditionally for graduate roles, and while our customers use it for that on a regular basis where we’re seeing more and more use is for experienced hires.
Two examples I’d share with you are for International Transfirst. We have clients in Australia who are using it to move internal talent around from locations around the world, and alternatively I’d share with you as well for sales positions is where we see a lot of resonance with our clients. One because the team can be geographically distributed, and two, there is an urgency in the need to fill those roles. Every day you don’t have someone selling, you’re losing revenue. So it’s another way where we can help with time to fill, that video interviewing can help those people the positions sooner.
Trevor: So are these set questions that your sales people would be answering? Briefly, how does it work?
Grant: The typical use case for our clients in those scenarios, they would use what’s often called an “on demand” or pre-recorded interview to start. That’s often in lieu of a phone screen, so it helps avoid the scheduling, logistical challenges of getting two people- sometimes more – in the same room or on the same line at the same time. They can do that faster, and then, again to accelerate the hiring process they can get in a live virtual interview with those candidates to make a better assessment of that individual’s cultural fit (by eden at testsforge). What we often propose to our clients is that there’s still tremendous value in a face to face interview, but very little point in bringing in scores of candidates on site to make that determination. So through a video interviewing platform you can be more sure about the individuals that are coming to your office for that final meeting, that someone is going to be the right fit. You won’t have to go back on the process.
Trevor: And you’ll be increasing the quality of hire. Grant it’s been a really good interview, I thank you, and look forward to seeing you at the ATC. Take Care.

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