Gamification for Recruitment

I have been following with interest  the emerging role of gamification in the Talent Acquisition space and can say with conviction that I am a fan of using gamification in attracting and assessing candidates. I believe it is the future of recruitment.  I am fascinated in all the different aspects of gamification; the areas of assessment, the audience they are targeting and importantly how engaging the games are to candidates.
So I have compiled a quick round-up of my some gamified career sites, along with some useful articles providing further insight into the growing success of these tools.
I’d like to keep adding to this list – so would love for you to send me examples of gamification for recruitment.  Watch this space!

Further Reading

Prue Laurence – Gamification: more than just a ‘game’
Paul Jacobs- A great overview by Paul on Gamification

Michael Tanenbaum- Gamify Your Talent Assessments for the Candidate’s sake
Ella Hafermalz and Kristine Dery – Gamification as an assessment tool: why play the game.


Gamified Career Sites


Organisation Target Audience Comments
Aldi- Graduate Brain Challenge Graduates Successful and different for its time
Deloitte-Will You Fit Into Deloitte? Graduates Very engaging and something that is very different
L’Oreal-Reveal Graduates L’Oreal, for example, have created the serious game Reveal to help attract and select top talent. After signing up to the game online the candidate navigates through various simulated departments of the cosmetics giant performing tasks and overcoming challenges. If the candidate performs well in a particular department they are advised to consider a career in that area. If performance is exceptional (placing you on the game’s leaderboard relative to other players) L’Oreal’s talent management team deliver further rewards withoffers to engage in their recruitment process
Telstra-Jobjam All staff but GenX & Y oriented By using a non-traditional and entertaining way to engage people, the game has the ability to reach a large number of people who may not have yet considered Telstra as a potential place to work. It’s a playful way to learn about the different careers available at Telstra, and our focus on the customer – no matter what job you’re in. It’s where your stealth and skill will have you creating happy customers and unlocking more challenges to take out the highest score.
Revelian-Theme Park Hero Graduates and Gen Y & X The game, ‘Theme Park Hero’, is designed to measure candidate ability and enhance brand reputation while streamlining the recruitment process and increasing efficiency for businesses.

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