Best Talent Wins – Why HR Should Be An Important Influencer

Here’s the thing… I’m not a big futurist.  I don’t think things have really changed that much in our industry… the fundamentals have been the same since Adam wanted someone to design a more appropriate fig leaf for himself.  Well, maybe the fundamentals have changed a little but the crux of our role hasn’t.

Right Bums On The Right Seats

It’s about putting the right bums (with the right skills) on the right seats at the right times.  (Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble)  Sure there are different angles and technologies you can deploy to do this, but that is the job.  Of course, we can talk about talent pools (or talent communities), social media etc blah blah blah, but dead set, or job hasn’t changed… If we don’t put the right bums on the right seats at the right time we don’t have a job anymore.
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The Role Of Technology

Social Media is a cool tool, and I’m sure that will keep advancing, changing and (god help me for writing this) “Disrupting” what we do and how we go about doing it.
Whether our workers are based locally or overseas, it doesn’t change anything.  Parts of our function can be based “off-shore”, and hey, I’ve heard even robots can do interviews etc now (Pretty sure I worked with one of these years ago, she just had a pulse…. I think), however I cannot see important functions of engagement, influencing and even negotiating the relationship between the employers and the potential employees.  This, I believe, is relevant for permanent, contract, part-time, or even off shore employees.  I cannot see how the importance of this will dissipate.
I can forsee companies forgoing these areas, with the backing of the bean counters in the aim  of lowering costs, but that would only be a short term fix.  We’d come back (yes you cynics, like the cockroaches).

The True Value Of Recruitment

Sourcing, attraction, engagement, closing, on-boarding are all core functions of ours as Recruiters, some can be outsourced.  We cannot forget however, that we are a people business, and people are not normally overly complicated creatures.  We like to be liked and respected.  I believe only people can do that.
I see our role (OK optimistically) becoming a more strategic “weapon” of business and thus have more of a say in the structure, make up and direction of an organisation.  We have a unique view of the organisation, our focus is one of the rare in an organisation, where we look at 360degrees of the market.  We look at external factors, influences as well as all areas of the business.  We have to relate to all areas, and at least have a basic understanding of them.  It’s what we need to do.  I see us as a group, getting more influence within the companies that employ us, and not just be the wacky arm of HR that hires everyone.
Those with the best talent wins.  It’s our job to get that “best talent”.  Why wouldn’t we be one of the more important influencers within an organisation?

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