ATC HangOut – Outsmarting Artificial Intelligence with Shannon Pritchett (video)

How can a recruiter outwit, outplay & outlast robots and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?
We have been hearing a lot about these technologies recently and how automation and chat bots are able to do certain parts of the job that a recruiter normally does. So what does this mean for a modern day recruiter? Will the profession become obsolete in the near future?
Shannon Pritchett, Editor for SourceCon, has been keeping an eye on the evolution of A.I., machine learning and automation technologies for the past ten years and the notion of a robot taking over a job is nothing new to her. She welcomes these developments and believes that they can help to streamline the Talent Acquisition process and help recruiters become more efficient at engaging, personalising their communications and building trust with candidates.
We hung out with Shannon (and her robot, Purple) to find out more about her thoughts on A.I. and what can a recruiter do to outwit, outplay and outlast the rise of the machines.
Check it out:

A summarised transcript of the video interview is available for download here.

Shannon will be sharing more strategies on how a recruiter can succeed and thrive in the age of automation and Artificial Intelligence at the upcoming Sourcing Social Talent 2017 in Auckland, Melbourne & Sydney. Purchase your ticket here.

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