ATC HangOut – Detecting Candidate Deception (video)

You are on the phone speaking to another potential candidate for that Product Engineer position you have been trying to fill the past week. The candidate sounds confident and is able to answer most of the questions you are asking. The phone interview ends and you sit in your chair realising you have no idea what the candidate just said was true and if he or she is worth a face to face meeting.
Sounds familiar?
Anthony Awerbuch is a certified Body Language Trainer and Chief Consultant at Body Language with Purpose and he believes candidates have become image-enhancement experts and a master of words. Job seekers have learnt how to say the things we want to hear and are often able to hide their true emotions well.
Add to the fact that research has shown that recruiters can only tell lie from truth about 13-22 percent of the time, regardless of experience, this makes it even harder to identify any deception.
However, all’s not lost and there are ways to read and assess your candidates’ truth emotions and attitudes. One of them is to learn and improve your ability to read their unconscious nonverbal signals.
We hangout with Anthony to find out what cues should a recruiter look out for during interviews to help him or her detect deception and what you can do to “test” the candidate for any signs of dishonesty. Watch the video to learn more!

Interviewee: Anthony Awerbuch (certified Body Language Trainer & Chief Consultant at Body Language on Purpose)

Interviewer: Bo Kai (BK) Low (Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator, ATC Events)

Image: Shutterstock

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