10 Second Snapshot – What Influences People To Change Jobs?

For those of you missed the first of our webinar series on ‘The Science of Talent Attraction’ with Bill Boorman and Chris McDonald, you’re in luck – the recording of this webinar can be accessed on demand. For those of you who don’t have the time or perhaps the attention span to sit through the webinar, here’s our 10 second snapshot of what you missed. When you’re done, don’t forget to sign up for Webinar 2 and 3 with Todd Davis and Mike Bailen.
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Most Of The Talent Pool Is ‘Pactive’

Nearly everyone is ‘pactive’ (passively active) in terms of being open to a new job. For recruiters this means that the talent pool is huge and thus their recruitment marketing and sourcing activities are more important than ever.

The Most Active Job Seekers Are Young And Highly Educated

Younger educated people are constantly looking for new work, and open to change. These demographics know that a lifelong career in the one organisation is a thing of the past, nor do most want it. This is also the demographic that is pushing the rise of the contingent workforce.

New Hires Go From Active To ‘Pactive’

Early engagement for a new employees is critical, as starting a new job doesn’t see the end of the search. Candidates go from active to ‘pactive’ and as such are vulnerable to new opportunity. Teams wanting to decrease this risk and improve retention should look at the onboarding process to see if improvements can be made.

Candidates Are Looking For Good Pay, Flexibility, Location and Meaning

Most candidates focus mostly on three things, on good pay and compensation, a good location and flexibility (both which related to time) and doing meaningful work.

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Webinar 2 – How Today’s Candidates Look For Jobs

The second of our webinar series will be presented with Todd Davis, who heads Talent Acquisition Operations & Customer Service at Amazon. Todd and Chris will discuss the ways in which modern candidates search for jobs, and how you can target them in the process.
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Webinar 3 – Future Proofing Your Strategy

How can you future proof your talent attraction strategy? How can you use data to optimise your online recruiting efforts?
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