10 must have Google Sheets add-ons for sourcers and recruiters

This powerful add-on allows you to create a personalised, mass email campaigns without accessing candidates’ spam folder. Track open/reply rate, do follow-ups based on specific groups of leads (who opened/not seen etc.).
It is also cool that it creates separate labels for each campaign so you can quickly access that data. Here’s a short tutorial on how it works.

#2: Power Tools

Set of tools for daily tasks: change case; sum by colour; remove duplicates; split, merge, compare, find, clean up data and more.
Working with the massive amount of data? This add-on is your way to go. Easily remove repeatable emails from the recently aggregated list of prospects/attendees/candidates etc. And much more data processing features included.

#3: Split Names

Quickly split full names to several columns with first, middle, last names, titles, and/or post-nominal letters. 

#4: Crop Sheet

Tired from scrolling up and down through the spreadsheet. Me too! This add-on provides the ability to remove extra rows and columns from a sheet quickly. Fantastic.

#5: LinkedIn Profiles Search

This add-on is helpful if you have a candidate list and is looking to cross-reference the names on it with LinkedIn profiles in bulk. 

#6: Blockspring

Do anything in a spreadsheet. Connect Google Sheets to 100s of web apps and services to automate more of your work. Check out the video below to find out more.

#7: Save As Doc

Convert any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a Google Document for improved legibility of lengthy cell text entries using this app.

#8: Files Cabinet

Quickly list all the files of a Google Drive folder in a spreadsheet, and automatically display it in an Awesome Table view. Love it!

#9: FindThatLead

So basically FindThatLead is a somewhat more sales oriented tool. However, I do use it for sourcing as well.
Their extension allows you to generate/guess an email (both personal and corporate one) of your contacts/aggregated leads/attendee list etc. right from a Google Spreadsheet. Create an account, install the add-on, connect the API key, and you are all ready to go.

#10: Text2Link

Convert cells into links based on the cells’ data. Fast and convenient way to link to more information. Super powerful!

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This article was first published on SourceCon blog on April 5, 2018.

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