Tony Wallace: Optimising your Talent Function with Market Intelligence (#ATC2019)

Session synopsis:

Once the tool of a Master Workforce Planner, understanding market intelligence and how to use it is set to become the charter for any high-performing Talent function both strategically and tactically.

It can be daunting and challenging to get started and often, it is best to start with an analysis of the most critical roles in the organisation. This enables the TA Function to operate in areas of high importance for the business while providing valuable experience for the TA Team.

This workshop will provide you with a framework to gain consensus with your leaders and agree on which roles are the most critical to your organisation. Tony will then show you how to access and understand labour market information to identify talent scarcity – where you will have to compete for the talent you need the most.

Armed with your new understanding of Scarcity and Criticality – you can begin to provide expert consultation to your business partners on how to overcome the now obvious challenges and work together to improve role prioritisation and whether the role is insourced or outsourced, when to recruit a person who matches the criticality despite not having an open position and importantly when to develop existing staff and when to recruit externally.

Click here to download the slides.

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