Kevin Wheeler: Making the Leap from Metrics to USEFUL Metrics (#ATC2019)

Session synopsis:

Recruitment is full of metrics that are usually time consuming to collect and not always valuable. We know that metrics are linked to accountability and so we measure things like activity, outputs, costs and outcomes. It keeps us accountable to an action and to completing a plan. High performing organisations use metrics that asks business related questions such as:

  • What is our intention?
  • What is our most appropriate response or action to achieve that intention?

So how can you pick out the most useful metrics and use them to improve decision-making for your Talent function?

In this workshop, we aim to:

  • Make the leap from metrics to useful metrics;
  • Better understand the rising field of Workforce Analytics;
  • Understand how to get started;
  • Brainstorm

Click here to download the slides.

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