Creating Workforce Agility, Your Competitive Edge

The nature of work has rapidly shifted. Between bushfires, Covid-19, and global talent shortages, the way we hire, move, and upskill talent has been disrupted and advanced by 10 years overnight.  More than ever, agility, speed and resilience in how we manage people is essential.

Global talent is shut out for the foreseeable future, so the demand for talent in ANZ will be competitively fierce, especially for the skills required in the priority areas of innovation, risk and digital. The fittest will win the top talent, keep their high performers and build the talent they require for the future.

Watch the interactive digital event recording now, as our expert panel discussed:

  • Key areas of consideration to enabling workforce agility for a competitive edge to source talent and keep your high performers,
  • How to protect your workforce from the short and long-term risks currently facing the TA space,
  • Examples and case studies of organisations who have implemented successful workforce agility strategies,
  • And much, much more.

Siobhan Savage, Chief Executive Officer, Reejig, who has built the world’s first independently audited ethical talent AI for a workforce intelligence platform

Gareth Flynn, Founder and Managing Director, TQSolutions, which is regarded as Australia’s leading Advisory and Solutions firm for Talent related projects

Adam Malski, Head of HR and Transformation at Commonwealth Bank

Sarah Jordan, Recent Director, People Insights & Planning at Transport for NSW


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