Aaron McEwan: The Decisive Candidate: Redesign Hiring to Drive Candidate Decisions (#ATC2019)

Session synopsis:

Job search is dead. Job surfing is the new normal. Digital platforms allow candidates to quickly find (or be found) and apply to a vast array of jobs.

This shift has drastically changed candidates’ decision making and behaviours; a shift we’ve come to know as The New Candidate Decision.

In the era of The New Candidate Decision, candidates ignore recruiter messages, apply to jobs they’re not interested in, and constantly browse for — but rarely act on — their next career move. This behaviour creates significantly more volume for recruiting, which now spends 25 percent of recruiter time on candidate screening, and it increases the cost of acquisition by up to 26 percent.

In this session, attendees will learn that to succeed in today’s candidate-centric era, you shouldn’t cater to candidate behaviours by trying to improve their experience; you should guide the right candidate action by focusing on increasing the likelihood that the right candidates make the decision to take the right job at the right time.

Click here to download the slides.

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