Video Interviewing Gets Social

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive at least one message from a recruiter via my LinkedIn account. It’s not that I have extremely niche skills or that my connections number in the thousands. It’s just that LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools available for networking and social recruiting.
Realizing that recruiters are making increasing use of social media, video interviewing providers have developed new functionality to help recruiters integrate the two technologies. Video interviewing is going social to make hiring via social media a seamless process.

Here’s how:


Easy connectivity between social sites and the hiring workflow.


With some video interviewing technology, recruiters can publish a link to an on-demand video interview via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.   A single click by candidates takes them straight into the on-demand interview, where they self-register right into the hiring process. Recruiters can also post this link on their careers website.

By having candidates register directly via the link, the process is streamlined, and recruiters can utilize insights from the candidate’s LinkedIn profiles as part of the hiring experience.

Other screening practices can’t come close to matching the accuracy and efficiency that recruiters achieve when they can evaluate candidates’ on-demand video interviewing responses.

Job seekers leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Some video interviewing solutions pull information directly from candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to populate the data fields, so there’s no double entry of data by candidates. They can immediately see who in their network works for the company they’re interviewing with. In a live video interviewing scenario, they can also see the company’s LinkedIn profile and start following that organisation.

By allowing candidates to sign into an on-demand video interview straight through their LinkedIn profile, video interviewing solutions eliminate their need for another online password or account as well.


Texting reaches nearly everyone.

Research has shown that 93% of people will respond to a text within the first five minutes; only 7% respond to an email in that initial time frame.  Some video interviewing solutions have a built-in feature to take advantage of this pattern of behavior for more effective recruiting.
It works this way: Recruiters simply put an access code out there on a billboard, website, TV ad or even tweet it out. Candidates can text the code to begin the on-demand voice interview process immediately.

One of the greatest advantages of this feature is that it opens the potential talent pool up across demographics, types of positions, types of workforces and access to technology, since texting doesn’t require a smart phone or Internet connection.


91fb827053d3c92a71016ace9d51e21aVideo interviewing is mobile.

Most video interviewing providers are now mobile, so candidates can access interviewing with their smart phones and tablets. This is critical functionality since so many people use social media on their mobile devices – with it organisations can connect with candidates where they spend their time.
All in all, video interviewing’s interface with social media makes it easier than ever for organisations to reach the candidates they really want to engage. And, they provide a state-of-the-art experiences that candidates won’t soon forget. When companies bring video interviewing on board, they have a built-in technology for getting into the social recruiting scene.

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