Recruitment, Social Media and The Law

Are you confident that your organisation’s use of Social Media for Recruitment purposes is legitimate?  What about your hiring managers – are they doing sneaky Facebook checks and exposing the company to potential discrimination claims?
Recent cases make it clear that an organisation’s ability to effectively regulate its workforce’s use of social media will depend centrally on whether it has appropriate written contracts, policies and procedures.
Delivered by Nick Duggal, an expert in Employment Law, this half-day workshop will provide you with practical tools for minimising your organisation’s social media exposure, while allowing you to harness its benefits in employment activities.
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Through an interactive session, this workshop will enhance your skills in:


  • developing social media recruitment processes from a legal perspective, including publishing candidate messages, collecting personal information and protecting your organisation’s confidential information
  • understanding the extent to which your organisation can and should lawfully regulate its social media recruitment activities
  • preparing and implementing policies, procedures and training which support effective social media recruitment activities
  • protecting content and clients who are communicated with via LinkedIN
  • considerations to be included in employment contracts to protect your confidential information
  • remedial action for social media misuse


Register for Nicks workshop before the 30th of April to secure the Early bird price of  $400 + GST.


Nick Duggal, Partner at TressCox Lawyers, is a highly engaging presenter, providing his own personal insights into real case studies and practical solutions. He has practiced exclusively in the area of workplace relations for over ten years, and has experience in a full range of employment and industrial relations matters, including advising employers on issues arising from employee use of social media and regulation of recruitment activities.

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