Lessons from one of the BEST Recruitment Marketers – Part 2

“Some people see things that are and ask, why? Other people dream of things that never were and ask, why not?” – George Carlin

Like bees to a honeypot, delegates would flock to Chris Hoyt during talent sourcing conferences – and it’s not hard to see why.
His positivity and vast experience makes him the perfect mentor for any recruiter seeking a fresh perspective on the industry or looking to further improve their recruitment skills. Chris’ reputation as an innovator of talent sourcing and marketing also makes him a favourite among recruitment leaders, who are always eager to bounce ideas across and engage with him.
A 20-year veteran of the recruitment industry, Chris is widely recognised as a thought leader in his field and he has successfully overseen numerous successful recruitment projects for corporate monoliths such as PepsiCo and AT&T. He is also a highly sought after speaker, having presented keynotes in recruitment conferences across the world.
Armed with a sparkling wit, infectious laugh, bags of creativity and enormous amounts of perseverance, no challenge is too big for him and there is always a good story to share.
In this second of a two-part of the interview, we delve further into his creative mind and ask Chris some more hard hitting questions about how recruiters can create success.
Read the first interview here.
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You have managed to consistently stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in recruitment. Where do you get your ideas? What would your advice be for an aspiring recruitment leader?                                                                                              

Chris HoytMy favourite ideas usually come as a result of great conversations with talented and ambitious people. Taking cues from what works outside of our space and applying those ideas towards talent is part of it but the rest is focusing on the objective – the end-game – and remembering the experience that we’re looking to deliver to the customer and candidate along the way. The rest is just aligning yourself with people that have the guts to do a few crazy things and burn a little midnight oil to get things done.

Wow that certainly sounds a bit like the Ten Commandments of an Intrepreneur.                                                                                              

Part of the reason for your success lies in understanding your organisation’s business drivers and translating them into solutions. In your opinion, how can recruitment leaders get a great handle on their organisations business drivers? Furthermore how would you measure success?                                                                                                           
Chris Hoyt

I think this always comes down to communication and support, for me. Knowing your business cold is a requirement if you’re going to develop strategies that need to make a difference. Open lines of communication that support candid, and sometimes tough, conversations with peers and leaders is important when you’re talking about implementing change or taking calculated risks in the name of the business.

Success is not always just about crossing the finish line or moving the needle, though, it’s about learning what worked and what didn’t work and getting you and your team to a point where you can adjust your sites and course correct along the way.


What tactical advice would you offer to budding recruiters if they want to emulate what you have done?
Chris Hoyt

Conversations in social channels should be no different than conversations you’d have in person. Be accountable to your comments and focus on the source of your passion that drives you in this field. Connect with strong personalities but don’t stop hunting for the quiet do’ers (the people often behind the scenes or not on social that are doing amazing work) – both are incredible assets to your own development. Never stop learning.


You will be speaking at the upcoming Sourcing Social Talent in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. What you do think delegates will gain from your keynote – “Source of Hire versus Experience of Hire”?                                                                                                           
Chris Hoyt

My hope is that we’ll have some interesting conversation around the insights and stories that I’ve prepared to share with attendees. I’d like people to change, or expand, how they think of the candidate journey, the value of the candidate’s source and the evidence we’re seeing around the importance of the entire experience. We might even talk about some exciting, and otherwise secret, projects that a few organisations are doing that nearly anyone could use to their own advantage.


Chris will be distilling the art and science of modern day recruitment at this year’s Sourcing Social Talent event in November. Join him and other global leaders in talent sourcing to learn more. Register now for the event in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland.


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